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Legal Publications

"The New Federal Rules: A Survivor’s Guide to E-discovery and E-privilege"

Louisiana Bar Journal feature article, August/September 2008 (Cunningham Ed.)

Practice Management: Legal Technology

Louisiana Bar Journal, February/March 2008 (Cunningham Ed.)

Local Practice” series, Storms & Odom

Louisiana Bar Journal, August/September 2007 (Cunningham Ed.)

"1997 Annual Survey of Property Law"

1997 Annual Survey of Louisiana Law, Program Committee of the Louisiana State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (Richey Ed.)

Appendix Three to the Louisiana Civil Code.

Organized and prepared initial draft of the current Code.

Author of thesis entitled Dryden’s Plays and the English Empire

Howard-Tilton Library at Tulane University

Co-authored national sports medicine abstract with Dr. J. R. Flarity of Tulane University

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