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Noteworthy Cases

In re: Spinniken (2018)

Successful restructuring and refinance for creditor client in Michigan federal court.

Hargrave v. Massy Construction (2014)

Arbitration award in favor of client following trial in Jackson, Mississippi and reduced to judgment in Louisiana federal court.

Merit Elec. Inc. v. Motiva Enterprises, LLC (2011)

Recovery for client in federal court lien enforcement action on a construction project in industrial chemical complex near Baton Rouge.

Envirotech Services, LLC. v. City of Monroe (2008)

This was a highly publicized case throughout Northeast Louisiana involving a regional airport construction award.  It concluded with a resolution of injunction in favor of our client.

Mathis v. Vandenberg (2008)

Here, a dispute occurred over an agreement in which our client negotiated and obtained a psychiatric hospital.  The court described Tyler’s services as “excellent counsel.”

Irrigation Mart, Inc. v. Gray (2007)

This case involved an undisclosed corporate agency and corporate piercing.  The trial court adopted a post trial memorandum for legal authorities, and the Court of Appeal affirmed in favor of our client.

Undisclosed Client v. LNT, Inc., formerly Linens'n Things, et al. (2006)

$1.5 million dollars recovered following federal jury trial.

In re: Coleman (2005)

Collected $1/$1 for client in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding.

Alice Baker et al. v. Shelter Mutual Insurance Company, et al. (2002)

A verdict was granted in favor of our client in a casualty case involving death in an automobile accident, which settled prior to appeal

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